doTEERA Compensation Plan

doTEERA Compensation Plan

The purpose of this video is to help you understand the doTERRA compensationplan. There are 5 basic ways you can earn commissions with doTERRA, 
Through retail profit, which is earning the 25 percent difference between retail and whole sale pricing from your retail sales, or through a series of bonuses, fast start, power of 3, unit level, and bonus pools. Before we begin, there is a common acronym you will hear through out this video. PV. PV stands for personal volume. Every product is given a product or point value that is used in commission qualifications. 
Now, let's take a look at each us. 

Number1, Fast Start. Fast Start commissions are a great way to begin earning income from the very 1st day. 
Fast Start allows all well advocates to earn a bonus on new customer purchases. 
For each customer you enroll, doTERRA will pay you 20 percent of the PV on anything they purchase within their 1st 60 days. This includes their initial order. Fast start bonus payments are made to 3 levels of enrollers. While the direct enroller of the new member earns 20% back, the next enroller up, earns 10% back, and the next enroller up from there, earns 5% back. 

Number 2, power of 3. It workslike this.If you place a 100 PV order on the loyalty rewards program and your frontlineachieve a minimum of a 100 PV on the loyalty rewards program, all within a givenmonth, and your total team volume exceeds 600 PV, Dotero will pay you a bonusof $50. If you then help those 3 people on your first line earn the $50 bonus, thenyou will receive a $250 bonus. Now, if you help their teams also achieve the samegiving your first line each the $250 bonus, your bonus will increase to $1500. Note that your team volume is total combined PV of you and your entire front line. Here's another graphic to explain. You earn $50 for your first level, $250 2nd level, and $1500 for your 3rd level. 

Number 3, unit level.Is called the Unilevel Organizational bonus. It is the most generous and unique plan available. After 60 days, all accounts are placed in a Unilevel system. And you earn an increasing rate of commission on each level down through 7 levels based on order volume. You will earn 2% on the first level and continuing to earn more throughout up until the 7th level, where you earn 7%. Most other compensation start you out on a higher percentage rate at the beginning.  And as levels deepen, you earn a lower percentage. Meaning, overall, less income for you. Unlike many other compensation plans, with doTERRA, you actually make the most on the most and the least on the least. 

Number 4, bonus pools. Bonus pool shares are available monthly to those who rank premier and above. Each bonus pool is made up of a percentage of the global commissionable volume for the pay out month.This means that each month, the total from each bonus pools is split into equal shares, which are then paid to qualified wellness advocates. The amount that you can earn from these pools depends on the rank that you achieve in a given month. 

To summarize, there are 5 basic ways to generate income with doTEERA.
Retail profit, fast start, power of 3, unit level, and bonus pools.
You can start earning immediately. And on a weekly basis when embracing the fast start bonus. Unilevel commissions are paid out 7 levels, increasing your percentage earned the deeper you go. Dynamic Compression ensures that every order pays out on 7 levels to the first qualifying up lines.Building a residual income with doTEERA is helped by a 65% customer retention rate, far exceeding the direct sales industry average. This means that once you build your business, it makes it more feasible to both maintain and grow. doTEERA's mission is to empower every individual. Our compensation plan truly rewards people with products that they want and need in their everyday life. Our mission to change the world, one drop, one person, one community at a time.
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